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Pendant lamps allow direct light to illuminate precise areas of the room: a worktop, a table, a corner of the room. But they can also be installed to illuminate a medium-sized room, providing a soft light. Unlike the chandelier, the pendant generally has only one light and does not have the arms that are typical of chandeliers.


Suspended lamp: what it is used for

One cannot imagine a house totally without hanging lamps. Lighting from above is the best way to brighten up the room while providing additional decoration.

Unlike classic floor or wall lamps that take up space in the house, pendant lamps do not take up any space. They are installed on the ceiling and, like pendant lamps, serve to illuminate the room in which they are placed, starting from above.

Depending on their shape and size, they can be used to provide direct light on certain areas or illuminate the whole room. A pendant light can be installed to illuminate a worktop or peninsula in the kitchen, a living room table, or to light up a medium-sized room such as a bedroom. It also has a decorative function. In fact, there are many solutions on the market that combine functionality with aesthetics.

Suspension lamps: different styles for every room

Before choosing the style of pendant lamps for your home, you need to carefully study the space you have available and the type of light you want to have. Then you will choose the pendant lamp that best suits your decor.

For a room furnished in a modern style, a pendant lamp with an essential line and glass diffuser is recommended. Thanks to the transparency of the glass, you will have a very well-lit room.

Other models present classic style pendant lamps with precious details such as porcelain or cast brass embellished with crystal components.This lamp is not only used to illuminate a room furnished in a classic style, but also to decorate interior spaces with a touch of elegance.

Industrial style pendant lamps, with their bright colours and simple shapes reminiscent of the lamps used to light factories, are used today to light tables and peninsulas in lofts and living rooms furnished in that style. For a room furnished in a country chic style, we recommend the vintage and rustic style pendant lamps. Hand-decorated ceramic diffusers with burnished or white metal elements.

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