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The bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces in a home. In recent times, furnishing the bathroom has become increasingly important. Every element is carefully chosen to create a comfortable, well-organised and relaxing environment. Lighting also plays an important role.

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Whether it is destined for a newly-wed couple, or is the result of a long-awaited renovation done to renew the space in the home, the bathroom remains a space to be taken care of, combining furniture and accessories with taste and coherence, carrying on a common theme throughout the house.

The bathroom needs good lighting. First of all, we recommend at least two types of light in the bathroom: diffuse light throughout the room and direct light in the mirror and washbasin area.
For diffuse light, the solution is a pendant lamp or ceiling light in line with the size and style of the room . Thanks to diffuse light, the room will be well lit, without areas of shadow. Direct light, on the other hand, needed e.g. for applying make-up or shaving, is usually provided by wall lamps or mirror spotlights.
Another factor to consider is humidity. As we know, the bathroom is a very humid room, which is why it is good to choose chandeliers that have a durable finish and are easy to clean.

One aspect that should not be underestimated is the colour of the light. A neutral light is recommended in the bathroom so as not to alter the perception of colours.

Suspension lamps or ceiling lights?

The choice between pendant and ceiling lights depends both on personal taste and the size of the bathroom.

In the case of a medium-sized bathroom with a ceiling height of more than 3 metres, pendant lamps are a good solution.

You can place them in the centre of the room or even over the bath tub, creating a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. For a great effect, you can choose coloured lamps in different shapes, creating a nice play of colours and materials.
In the case of a small bathroom and a ceiling that is not very high, our advice is to choose for a ceiling light, which should not be understood as a simple light point,

The choice of the ceiling light must be made with a few factors in mind. The first thing to consider is the size of the room. Indicatively in a medium-sized room it is good to install a 40 cm ceiling light. For larger rooms, a diameter of at least 50 cm. By choosing the right size, the room will be well lit.

To complete the bathroom lighting, we recommend one or two wall lights near the mirror for direct light near the washbasin.

Wall lamps to complete the lighting.

A wall lamp is a lamp to be fixed to the wall. These lamps are often used for lighting at mirrors, where a stronger light in shades tending towards white is needed. It is very important to consider the positioning of the bathroom lamp in order to allow even illumination of the room, regardless of its use.

On our e-commerce you can find many solutions for lighting your bathroom and, if you have any doubts, please contact us without obligation.

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