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Table lamp

Table lamps are certainly an indispensable element in our homes. Indeed, as well as illuminating, they furnish our rooms in a discreet and elegant way. Think of the classic bedside lamp that gives us a soft light in the bedroom, but also the beautiful and elegant lamp in a corner of our living room or entrance hall that gives us a warm and relaxing atmosphere. A table lamp can be a versatile and elegant solution.


Table lamp: an intimate and versatile choice

If you do not need a light that illuminates an entire room, a table lamp may be the right solution for you. In this way, it is possible to have a delimited illumination for only a few spots to create a special and intimate atmosphere. Table lamps are also functional for reading and are elegant elements to be combined with other objects such as chairs, armchairs and other furniture.
Table lamps can also be used for other furniture items such as side tables, shelves, windowsills and bookcases. Not only for reading: a table lamp is the ideal choice for creating original effects in the room.

Table lamps: from classic to modern style

Which table lamp best suits your décor? Classic lamps, with their precious porcelain and gold-rimmed shade, enhanced by crystal drops. Or the cast brass lamps with their crystal components and classic pleated lampshade in warm colours.
There are also modern table lamps with a glass shade and metal frame, with simple, essential lines. And what about rustic-style bedside lamps to light up the bedside tables in your room? Floor lamps with a burnished metal or brass frame, with a white ceramic diffuser finely decorated with elements that recall nature.
There are many solutions to illuminate favourite corners and areas of your home. Almost all lamps are coordinated with chandeliers and ceiling lights. And, if you need advice, we are at your disposal.