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Pieces of furniture

A piece of furniture that looks classy and refined.
In any living space, pieces of furniture are essential elements that characterize the environment. There are several home decorations that could be considered as a piece of furniture, but not all of them are suitable to make the environment harmonious. In this small guide we find out what are the five classy, refined and truly irreplaceable elements.


The console table as an elegant piece of furniture

A useful piece of furniture is undoubtedly the console table which intelligently combines practicality and elegance. A console made of inlaid wood with a beautiful marble top renders the setting elegant and exclusive. Placing a mirror on top of a console makes it even more precious.

The mirror, a perfect sign of refinement

The mirrors are undoubtedly an element of refined design, both in the oval and round shapes, as well as in the rectangular ones, more classic and with inlaid wood frame. A mirror placed at the entrance is an ideal piece of furniture to welcome guests, thanks to its feature of expanding spaces increasing the volume. In the living room, the presence of a mirror with a simple and linear frame emphasizes the refined style and the attention to detail.

Porcelain, grace and finesse in furniture

Porcelain objects have always characterized the living room with their preciousness. A porcelain photo frame, placed on a console table, enhances precious and unforgettable moments. As a piece of furniture, a centerpiece in fine glazed porcelain underlines the finesse and grace of the hosts.

Glass, amazing transparency

The magic of glass has always surprised for the light effects given by its transparency. Murano’s glass ornaments, in addition to being an artistic expression, give class to the rooms where they are placed. Blown glass vases reflect their elegance to the living room even in the absence of cut flowers. The elegance of glass is also granted with surprising sculptures, unique and valuable works made by Murano artists who are able to create original objects, perfect as pieces of furniture with their shapes and colors.

The perfection of ceramics in furniture

The chromatic combinations of Castelli’s ceramic objects render the artistic ability of the master ceramicists from Abruzzo, able to create perfect clay items for a classy furniture. The presence of a ceramic lamp, with precious decorations, on top of a linear console highlights a refined and elegant environment. A lightly decorated wall clock marks the passage of time and hours emphasizing value and craftsmanship.