Who is Lucilla

Lucilla is the synthesis of 50 years and 3 generations of manufacturers of classic made in Italy chandeliers that we can admire in the most renowned locations in the world: in houses, villas, castles and hotel chains.
Our experience has led us to have extensive knowledge of the best brands in the industry, and our multi-brand catalog presents a careful selection of all the most famous and appreciated items by our consumers.
We look with professionalism and attention to the most important innovations in terms of lighting, with research aimed at wall lights, chandeliers, spotlights, ceiling lights, and table lamps, able to satisfy the needs of our customers.
Lucilla’s values and objectives are affordable prices, quality products, and customer service that can satisfy all of our commercial interlocutors. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to provide you with targeted technical advice based on your information on the characteristics of the environment to be illuminated.
In fact, our support team boasts in-depth knowledge of all the details that make our items the best on the market; the friendliness and speed of response make us proud of our staff, and proud to be able to support our customers in all stages of the purchase, from design to lighting solutions for your environments that we will discuss with you with our customers and escort you in the choice of the most optimal light source and which best enhances the environment itself.
All that leads our customers to choose us with confidence is undoubtedly the possibility of having customized products. Thanks to our artisans, we are able to satisfy any desire and commission, large or small. In fact, over the years we have developed oversized chandeliers for extra-luxury hotel lobbies, as well as customized indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for large villas
We will be by your side throughout the design phase, ready to illustrate and explain the best solutions and discoveries in lighting technology so that you can best meet your needs.
Lucilla: our mission, between innovation and design
Lucilla is the personification of the passion we have for enlightenment in all its forms; our name derives from lux, in Latin light. Our mission is to make the living spaces of every customer who comes to our e-commerce unique! Our many years of experience make us strong and enthusiastic: we are sure that our advice will be right for you. When you buy a lighting product, after all, it is not only a question of guaranteeing the correct functioning of the item, but also an aesthetic enrichment of your home. Our aim is to give life to plays of light, reflections, shades, and impressions, which will give you a healthy moment of relaxation in your home! Our shop of chandeliers, wall lights, ceiling lights, and table lamps is renowned among our customers for a cleverly made mix of elements of high design, attention to detail, excellent value for money, and above all innovation. Our articles are designed to look ahead and build a unique and inimitable bright space, capable of leaving you speechless! Lucilla: the importance of lighting Playing with tones and colors, reflections, and soft lights, allows you to enrich any living space with an extra element, a plus-value that will make your home refined and suggestive. A house, an office, or any space related to you, speaks of you and your characteristics; each element contains a piece of your qualities, your elegance and your refinement. Creating a balanced and pleasant atmosphere, capable of transmitting the emotion you want to promote, will be the element that will make your every environment magical and inimitable.
We at Lucilla know how to give free expression to your personality: for this reason we have selected a series of chandeliers in different styles. Our catalog ranges from classic to modern, passing through industrial chic and minimalism. All that remains is to dive into our catalog with a few simple clicks, and find the object of your interest in the selection we have designed for you!
Lucilla: we light up your dreams with Arredoluce
The surprises for our customers are by no means over. Lucilla, in partnership with Arredoluce, for fifty years of excellence in Italian craftsmanship for classic lighting, with exclusive proprietary molds, has created unique products, using noble and precious metals such as brass and bronze, combined with the finest Swarovski crystals and glass of Murano wisely combined with each other, allow us to create exclusive works of art.
Our artisans together with Arredoluce are ready to give life to your dreams, making the chandelier or lighting object suitable for your needs. From our online store Lucilla, you will be able to take advantage of an infinite series of finishes, colors and materials that will allow you to customize the product of your dreams in a unique way.
Would you like to know more about the history of Arredoluce and the meaning that this important collaboration represents for us at Lucilla? You can visit their store here; we are waiting for you enthusiastic, ready to create the chandelier you have always fantasized about having!


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