Types of lighting

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Various types of lighting

Lighting plays a fundamental role in our homes. In addition to furnishing and enhancing our spaces and furniture, the choice of proper lighting is also important for our comfort and to create the right atmosphere. In relation to the environment to be illuminated, we will then choose the most suitable type of lighting, taking into account the color of the walls, the height of the ceilings, the size of the room and the décor.

We need to consider the different possibilities determined by the stream of light in order to determine a choice as close as possible to our expectations and needs:

Widespread lighting: the stream of light is uniform and homogeneous throughout the room. This means that no emphasis is placed on anything, there are no shadows and marked contrasts. This type of lighting is very pleasant and is suitable for rooms such as living room and bedroom accompanied, however, by other specific lighting types. In addition, due to its characteristics, a long exposure to this type of lighting does not strain the view.

Direct lighting: the stream of light is concentrated on a well-defined space such as a workspace, as the stove or sink, a painting, a particular corner of the house that you want to highlight and enhance. This characteristic creates, unlike the diffuse light that tends to flatten the room, particular light effects and shadow, if expertly dispensed. Especially for worktops, a direct stream of light does not strain the view, but rather plays a decisive role in the usefulness of the space where we perform precise functions.

Semi-direct lighting: it is a type of lighting that combines the characteristics of both direct and diffuse lighting and creates a fairly widespread but not flat or too direct lighting.

To take advantage of the streams of light, as just listed, we need to know the various possibilities of most used lighting objects.

The chandelier  is a pendant lighting fixture that hangs from the ceiling. There are many dimensions, with a various number of lights. The aesthetics of the object are determined by the manufacture and the shape, which follows a style more or less known, classic, modern or design. It is generally chosen to illuminate a dining room, a bedroom, a living room because it gives an indirect light, large entrances and corridors with very high ceilings.

Table lamps  are used mainly in bedrooms, but also in some areas of the room or living room where you need a relaxing light and to carry out activities such as reading, conversation, watching television. They are often real furniture items.

The plant is a floor lamp used to illuminate a particular corner of the room in a sober and elegant way, creating a comfortable and relaxing place, thanks to its diffuse light. As with table lamps or floor lamps, they are essential items of furniture inside a house.

The wall lamps or appliques are fixed on the wall and perform the dual function of illuminating and furnishing. They are used anywhere in the house: in the bathroom by the mirror, in the hallway, in the dining room and even in the bedroom. Depending on their design, they can offer direct or indirect light.

The ceilings are used mainly in the case of low ceilings. As with the chandelier, the choice is very wide. They are mainly used in bathrooms, entrances, corridors, creating bright environments.

The spotlight can be fixed or orientable and is mainly used to directly illuminate a worktop, a particular object or a mirror.

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