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Swarovski produces the highest quality crystals. By the time, the company’s name has become synonymous with authentic crystal. The special manufacturing processes, based on high-caliber raw materials, grant precision, component quality, uniformity and incomparable brilliance. The Swarovski crystal is produced at the historical production facilities in Wattens, Austria, where every single crystal is submitted to rigorous controls. The exact composition and quantity of the ingredients (quartz, sand and minerals) is still a company secret, handed down by the pioneer and founder Daniel Swarovski to his three children.

The Swarovski crystal is used in goldsmithing, as enrichment of fabrics in furniture and fashion, in fittings, jewelry, as well as in lighting. It is a particularly dense and pure lead crystal, worked with rigorous cutting, grinding and polishing processes. Each work (except for the jet, emerald and bordeaux colour and larger than 18 mm) has a laser-like mark.

Swarovski Strass e Swarovski Spectra 

SWAROVSKI® STRASS® (SWAROVSKY ELEMENTS® crystal ex Strass® – SS code): it is the flagship brand of the Austrian company Swarovski as it is its most valuable line of crystal. The very high-precision cutting, the extreme optical purity and the perfect polish give the crystal beautiful and inimitable reflections. Most of the elements of this brand contain the laser-engraved logo as a sign of authenticity. Its composition is 30% glass and lead. You can find them in a myriad of colors and shades, shapes and sizes. All these characteristics determine a high level of quality and justify the high cost of the Swarovski Strass crystal.

SWAROVSKI SPECTRA® is the second line of the Austrian company Swarovski. It offers a good uniformity of brilliance, reflection of light and spectral colors, which is surpassed only by the premium line of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS®. It has a lower cost than the crystal of the STRASS line® because, unlike the STRASS line®, it does not contain lead in its composition, but the precise grinding and polishing of the crystal make it shine in its many facets. The Spectra crystal ® is only available transparent.


ASFOUR (ASFOUR CRYSTAL® crystal 30% lead oxide – LC code ), Egyptian manufacture, it is a high-quality crystal. AsfourIts glass and lead composition together with the excellent workmanship give the crystal a unique brilliance. The Asfour crystal can be found in many shades, shapes and sizes. Within each product it contains the laser-engraved logo as evidence of the immutability of its features over time. Before being put on sale and receiving the engraving of the brand, the crystal is in fact submitted to strict controls that ensure the absence of streaks, bubbles or variations of color, and evidence of its absolute shine. The presence of 30% lead determines the brightness of the refraction and the vivid effect of the colors of the rainbow. This type of crystal has a medium-high cost.


SCHÖLER (SCHOLER CRYSTAL® optical crystal – CC code ): good quality crystal from Austrian production. The company is keen to point out that its is an ecological product as it is used mostly glass, without the insertion of lead. Iridescent reflections and absolute brilliance characterize the Scholer crystal, which also features a wide range of colors and shapes. It is definitely one of the best crystals for value for money.

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