The crystal chandelier

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Almost once in our lives, everyone was enchanted by the sparkle of a crystal chandelier. A kaleidoscope of shapes and colors, the geometric perfection of octagons or drops, the richness of the materials used make the chandelier a fundamental element to furnish the rooms with taste and elegance. Often underestimated, a beautiful chandelier adds a touch of originality and brightness to the environment. Choosing a chandelier means carefully evaluating certain elements, such as style, size, color rendering and lighting quality, the craftmanship of materials, the seriousness of the manufacturer, but above all it means giving voice to one’s taste and personality; it’s an emotional choice. Even in today’s society, in other artistic fields such as cinema  and clothing, we find the “crystal chandelier figure” as a symbol of style, strong personality, glamour and even femininity.

In Italy, the most beautiful crystal chandeliers are still produced today, handmade by artisans who perfectly know the techniques and secrets of iron and brass processing. The stages of processing a crystal chandelier are complex and relatively long, which justifies the costs you encounter when you start searching and seeking information to buy one. In fact, to realize them it takes a lot of skill, you have to take care of the details, carefully choose the best material and have a lot of love and passion for the work you are doing. Because it is a purely artisanal work, some companies offer the customization service or the possibility to modify the product in the catalogue, according to the needs of the customer, or to design and make it according to specific requirements.

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But in what context should the chandeliers be inserted?

Definitely in a Victorian-style furnished environment, spacious and with high ceilings, but can also be inserted in a contemporary environment, enhancing the contrasts between classic and modern and using colored crystals. Historic crystal brands, such as Swarovski and Asfour, offer, in addition to clear crystal, a variety of exceptional colors, which allow you to customize your chandelier even more. For an in-depth look at the various types of crystal


The first crystal chandeliers appeared in the sumptuous Italian and French aristocratic palaces in the early 17th century. The rock crystal, a particularly valuable crystal, was used because it was very bright and transparent. The rock crystal was replaced by that of Bohemia, less expensive and this allowed a rapid spread of the chandeliers in crystal. Over the centuries the crystal chandelier has undergone transformations in terms of aesthetics, structural and materials used. Let’s see what are the main types of chandeliers.

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The first chandeliers of Bohemia date back to the early 18th century and, as we have seen, the bohemian crystal replaced rock crystals. The peculiarity of these chandeliers is that the arms are made of glass and decorated with Bohemia crystal pendants. This gives a lot of shine and brilliance.

Maria Teresa Chandelier

In 1743, on the occasion of her coronation as queen, a chandelier was given to the Austrian Archduchess Maria Theresa (1717-1780) made of crystal drops of Bohemia. Since then the Maria Theresa-style chandeliers have been very successful, and we can still find them in many historic buildings as Versailles. The central part of the chandelier is made of hand-crafted glass, the arms are made of glass slats and with rosettes used to hang the crystal. The chandelier is embellished with rows of octagons that end with drops or crystal plates of Bohemia, hooked by hand. The result is a masterpiece!

Empire-style chandeliers

The first empire-style chandeliers originate in medieval France where chandeliers were made of iron and candles were used to illuminate the rooms. To arrive at the magnificence of today, we have to wait until the 17th century during the Napoleon empire, when in the palaces appear sumptuous chandeliers embellished with crystal pearls and parts decorated in brass or iron. Even today we can admire these majestic empire-style chandeliers at the palace of Caserta and in many other famous residences.

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Modern chandeliers

The market today offers a wide range of modern Led chandeliers with crystal pendants. You can find collections with simple design with the chrome frame and transparent crystals.


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