Useful Tips


Cleaning a crystal chandelier might seem a long and hard job. Actually, there are small measures that facilitate this task. The sheen of a freshly cleaned chandelier will surely pay off.

In cleaning process, particular attention is given to safety procedures: it is necessary to disconnect the chandelier from the power grid and prevent the electrical parts (cables and lamp holder) from coming into contact with the water. Please also remember that you should not touch the bulbs as soon as the appliance has been turned off, as they could cause burns, and that you should never touch it with wet hands.

You must also use stable support to reach the chandelier, such as a stepladder, which allows you to safely have good freedom of movement for safe cleaning operations; avoid the use of unstable chairs, stools and supports.

During cleaning procedure, the chandelier does not have to be rotated or moved to reach the parts still to be cleaned: you will need to move the ladder to an appropriate position.

To clean the metal parts of the chandelier it is recommended to use a microfiber cloth.

The crystal parts (drops, octagons and cups) should be cleaned using a cloth moistened with warm water and neutral soap. The cloth should be gently passed on every single part. They should never be washed using the dishwasher.

We suggest that you keep the crystal assembly scheme so that you can clean the product without any problems.

If some crystals are damaged during the cleaning, we remind you that, with the equipment supplied, there are some spare parts.