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Bedroom lighting

For a bedroom, it is essential to choose the right lighting to create a relaxing and comfortable environment The choice of lamps and lighting points must be careful, taking into account different needs and personal preferences. Soft, warm light can help create a cosy and intimate atmosphere, ideal for relaxing before falling asleep.

The positioning of lights is a crucial aspect in creating the desired atmosphere in the bedroom. It is advisable to have several light sources strategically distributed to avoid shadowy areas and ensure an even spread of light. Placing a table lamp near the bed provides a soft, intimate light for evening reading or relaxing before bed. In addition, installing spotlights on the ceiling or wall lights on the walls can help illuminate the entire room evenly.

Another element to take into consideration is the colour of the walls. Choosing light and neutral colours for the walls can help to better reflect natural and artificial light, contributing to a brighter and more spacious room. However, if you want to create a more intimate and cosy atmosphere, you can opt for darker colours or pastel shades that add warmth to the bedroom.

Tips for best lighting a bedroom

General lighting: Start with general lighting that spreads a soft, even light throughout the room. A ceiling light or pendant lamp is a good choice for lighting in a bedroom. These lamps spread a wider light and can illuminate the whole room well.

Bedside lamps: Use bedside abat jour lamps to read comfortably in bed or for other activities. You can choose lamps with shades or diffusers that direct the light downwards to avoid glare and create a cosy atmosphere.

Wall lamps: Wall lamps can be used to illuminate the bedside table and headboard, replacing the table lamp. Swivelling models with a flexible arm, for example, are perfect next to the bed, as they allow you to move the light beam to your liking, making reading easier. If the room is very large and there is a chandelier, wall lights can be an additional source of light to illuminate dark corners or to highlight a piece of furniture. If the room is small or if it is attic, the wall lamp can be the only point of light, with the added advantage of making the room seem more spacious.

Floor lamps: Floor lamps can be just as useful in the bedroom. You can use them to have a soft light or to illuminate a dark corner of the room. Choose a model that fits the style of your room and make sure it is tall enough that you do not have to bend down to turn it on or off.

Light colour: choose the right colour temperature. In your room, warmer light (2700-3000K) helps create a more relaxing and intimate atmosphere. Opting for lamps with warm shades and adjustable intensity allows you to create different atmospheres according to your needs. LED lamps are an excellent choice as they provide warm, energy-efficient light.

Accent lights: Add accent lights to create a romantic atmosphere. You can use recessed lights on the ceiling or walls to create a soft lighting effect. Alternatively, LED strips can be placed behind the headboard or under furniture to create a subtle, relaxing ambient light.

Directional light for workspaces: If you have a desk or study corner in your bedroom, make sure you have adequate directional lighting. Add a desk lamp or an adjustable desk light to illuminate your work area effectively.

Style: choose lamps that match the decor of the bedroom.. For a modern ambience, we recommend lamps with a simple and elegant design. For a more classic ambience, you can choose from those with fine porcelain and brass cast elements, or the very elegant ones with crystal elements and gold trimmed lampshade There are also lamps for a country chic ambience, with a burnished metal or brass frame, and a white decorated ceramic shade.
However, the golden rule to keep in mind before purchasing is only one: your personal taste. Playing with light allows you to master rooms, spaces and shadows as only you desire.


In conclusion, placing lights strategically, choosing suitable lamps, and considering the colour of the walls are fundamental elements in order to best illuminate a bedroom. Taking care of these details allows you to create a comfortable and pleasant environment, promoting relaxation and rest during the night.