Lucilla Custom Chandeliers


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With Lucilla you can customize your chandeliers in every detail. You can create the model that best suits your rooms, changing the color, size and much more, in order to have a dream chandelier and customized to your liking. You will no longer have to settle for industrial and standardized chandeliers that are increasingly on the market and that never fully satisfy your tastes.

Lucilla is able to contact the best material producers to shape your customized chandelier that is perfect for your needs. In the vast online catalog you can already find a wide choice of materials to choose from for your project or to get ideas, all products selected by Lucilla for value and beauty. The catalog is constantly evolving to meet customer needs even more.

Thanks to the long experience in the lighting and furniture sector, Lucilla always guarantees the best results thanks to its knowledge in the field of suppliers and manufacturers of small parts for the customization of your chandeliers.

Lucilla in her wide choice relies only on Italian artisans who still have a passion for attention to detail and through Lucilla are able to emerge and make themselves known. Everything you find in the catalog has been carefully selected and tested to be able to give you a service and a product at the highest levels. Lucilla is able to give you a very efficient after-sales service so that you will never feel alone and assist you in case you encounter any problems with your purchase.

If you also have a model to customize or have found something in the catalog that stimulates your idea of a chandelier to put in your room, fill out the product sheet directly for more information and some advice from Lucilla.

If, on the other hand, you have some ideas to realize and want to be contacted to define the details, all you have to do is write to, you will be contacted in a short time and all our experience will be made available to make your chandelier unique.