When you enter a room, what engages the guest and strikes him instantly is without a shadow of a doubt the lighting. This is because light has always been an indicator par excellence of the mood of a place and its degree of welcome.

Lighting plays a key role in interior design in terms of style and aesthetics, but above all in terms of safety and functionality. In recent years, more and more interior designers than private architects invest their time and money in lighting design projects for private homes such as luxury villas or apartments, restaurants, clubs, accommodation facilities and hotels, as well as for retail environments and shops.

Contact with confidence our team of experts who will guide you in the design of exclusive lighting systems for your idea of housing solution or point of sale.

Lucilla can help you with what concerns emphasizing or softening the chromatic charge of the colors chosen to paint a room. In addition, in addition to taking care of aesthetics, we make sure that all your lighting solution is functional and safe to use. Natural and artificial lighting also contribute to changing our perception of space, a job that we are able to put into practice in an excellent way, preferring one or the other according to the needs and requirements of the customer. Our technicians will guarantee you a directional and homogeneous brightness in every location of your project, in order to make the furnishing context more graceful and welcoming. For each level of lighting, whether it is accent, environment or task, we find targeted solutions through the use of different models of light bodies in order to ensure functional light at every corner and location of the design scenario.