How to choose a chandelier size


The size of a chandelier is one of the most important aspects in furnishing a room. Indeed, its function is not only to illuminate the room but also to make it aesthetically more elegant.

But what are the elements to consider when choosing the right chandelier size? The size of the room, the type of room and the type of lighting it should provide (direct or diffused light).

Chandelier size: the size of the room.

The first element to bear in mind when purchasing a chandelier is the size of the room. Indeed, the chandelier must relate to the size of the room.

For example In a small room it is inappropriate to place a chandelier that is too large, as it will make the room smaller. Usually, in a room of thirty square metres, it is preferable to install a chandelier of at least sixty centimetres in diameter. If the room is fifteen to twenty square metres, it is advisable to opt for a chandelier or pendant with a diameter of forty centimetres. Normally, the lighting capacity of a chandelier is proportional to its size. Therefore, the larger the square metres, the larger the diameter of the chandelier should be.

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The height and shape of the room are also important when choosing a chandelier. For a room with a height of less than 270 cm it is advisable to choose ceiling or wall lamps.

Usually the chandelier is placed at a height from the floor that is not less than 3/4 of the height of the room. So if the room is about 270 cm high, the chandelier should be placed at a height of about 200 cm from the floor. Finally, if the room is rectangular in shape, narrow and long, several smaller chandeliers are recommended.


Chandelier size: type of room.

Another element to consider when choosing the size of the chandelier is the type of room. The living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom and all other rooms in the house cannot have the same type of chandelier as the chandelier must be appropriate for the room.

  • In the living room, a chandelier will be chosen with functionality in mind. The presence of a dining table suggests an important chandelier which is the house’s calling card. To enhance paintings, sculptures or other furnishings we will add spotlights to the walls. Beautiful table or floor lamps will also contribute to a pleasant ambience.
  • In the bathroom we prefer a chandelier or a hanging lamp that is not too large but still effectively illuminates the whole room.
    In a medium-sized bedroom a chandelier with a diameter of 50/60 cm, with the combination of bedside lamps for a softer light.
  • In the kitchen, on the other hand, it is preferable to go for a chandelier or pendant lamp that is large enough and adequately illuminates the whole room.

Chandelier size: the type of lighting.

The type of lighting is another element which should not be underestimated and which has a great influence on the choice of chandelier size. When buying one, you should decide whether you prefer diffuse or direct light. In the first case the light will spread evenly throughout the room, while in the second case it will be directed directly at a specific object, such as a dining table, a worktop, or a piece of furniture.

Direct light is usually used in rooms such as kitchens or studies, where there is a need for specific lighting on certain elements.
specific lighting on certain elements. If, for example, you want to illuminate a table or worktop, you should choose a chandelier or pendant that only illuminates the area concerned. In this case, the size of the chandelier should not be related to the room, but to the area or elements to be illuminated.

For example, to properly illuminate a table, the chandelier should be positioned at a height of approximately 90 cm from the top and in the centre of the table. The diameter should be about 20/30 cm smaller than the width of the table.

On a table of about 80 cm, a chandelier of about 50 cm is perfect!

Diffused light, on the other hand, is generally used in rooms such as the bedroom or in the lounge area of the living room. In this case, the choice of the size of the chandelier should be related to the size and type of furniture.

Do you think these are useful tips for choosing the right size of a chandelier?

Do you have any other suggestions?

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