How to illuminate a modern kitchen

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You have finally bought your dream kitchen and now you are asking yourself the question how to light a modern kitchen. What kind of lighting should you choose? A kitchen is well lit when the light is uniform throughout the room, without any dark corners, taking into account the natural light from the windows.
There are many solutions on the market, which differ in style and type. Depending on the style of the kitchen and the size of the room, we choose the most suitable product. For example, LED spotlights are extremely functional and modern, and are suitable for direct light on worktops. Ceiling lights, on the other hand, are suitable in a not very large kitchen with a low ceiling, while pendant lamps are perfect for lighting a medium-sized kitchen

The choice of the best lighting in the kitchen is therefore based on two fundamental aspects :

uniform lighting throughout the room, which can also be achieved by using different types of lamps and lighting systems, taking into account the size of the kitchen and the layout of the worktops and hobs.
a correct installation of the lamps, taking into account both the functional and the aesthetic aspect.

How to light a modern kitchen.

Many kitchens nowadays are in the modern style and tend to be lit with LED lights that are much better performing and longer lasting. At the same time, they have a much lower energy consumption, which means lower expenses in the electricity bill. But what solutions can we adopt to light a modern style kitchen?

Adjustable wall lights and spotlights.

Wall sconces and adjustable spotlights are an excellent solution because the light beam can be easily directed to provide the right lighting on worktops or cookers. They can also be used to enhance furniture complements such as a sideboard or hutch. They are usually used together with pendant and ceiling lights. Many wall lamps and spotlights can be found on the market.

Suspension lamps.

Suspension lamps are also an excellent solution for properly lighting a kitchen. Depending on the size and characteristics of the kitchen, the right lamp will be chosen. In fact, the market offers many solutions depending on what you want to light. Among the many suspension lamps that the market offers, we would like to highlight:

  • led pendant lamps. If the kitchen is large enough, a beautiful LED pendant lamp in a modern shape will give the kitchen a cosy and seductive atmosphere
  • small pendant lamps . If you need to illuminate peninsulas, worktops or dining tables, these lamps are ideal. You can position several of them to have a direct light on the part you want to illuminate.
  • Suspensions with visible light bulbs, an economical and aesthetically appealing solution, which are characterised by a delicate yet striking design. There are suspension lamps in different sizes and colours, for every need
  • sphere lamps , simple and elegant at the same time. Depending on the size of the model and the room, one or more lamps can be installed. Thanks to the transparency of the diffuser, the light spreads perfectly throughout the room
  • ceramic pendant lamps in bright colours and modern shapes. The brand new Ferroluce Decò collection offers many pendant lamps in bright and bold colours. A touch of originality to your kitchen
  • Dome-shaped pendant lamps if your main requirement is to illuminate the kitchen table. LED under-shelf bars will be used to illuminate worktops and cookers.

Ceiling lamp 

Plafoniera 4 luci - 259.340 - collezione Dado - Metal Lux

Ceiling lights are suitable for lighting kitchens with low ceilings. There are ceiling lights of the most varied shapes and sizes on the market. They range from the simple ceiling light to the most original design that gives your kitchen a touch of originality. For a touch of colour to your kitchen, Ferroluce’s ceramic ceiling lights with exposed bulbs perfectly illuminate the room.

If you would like advice on how to light your modern kitchen, our staff is at your disposal.


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