Low cost ideas for original lighting

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Are you looking for original, low-cost lighting?

If you are looking for low cost ideas for original lighting, here we propose some. They are simple, practical and cheap solutions that guarantee perfect lighting without sacrificing the style of interior design.

Suspension lamps

A low-cost solution to uniquely illuminate an environment is the suspension with bare bulb,  nothing simpler. You can customize the suspension by choosing from many types of bulbs, including large transparent bulbs and of different sizes. If you love industrial style, you can find many in vintage style.  

For a single-color room, you can give a touch of color with a suspension with colored cable or with a suspension lamp with plate. You can also create beautiful chandeliers by combining multiple suspensions of different colors, thanks to a multi-wire rosette. With a single light source, you can have lots of suspensions of different colors. An original solution that you can use to light up a dining room or kitchen, but also a bedroom.


Ceilings, table lamps and floor lamps

In addition to the suspensions, there are other low cost ideas to light up your home. In fact, you can combine with the suspension, ceiling lights, table lamps  and simple, colored floor lamps.

The ceiling lights are ideal to illuminate the transition areas, such as corridors, entrances, but also small rooms. The table lamp can be used on the bedside tables, to have a soft light and create a relaxing atmosphere. The floor lamps are perfect for lighting a living room, room or bedroom corner.

If you want any advice or need a quote to furnish larger spaces or business premises, you can contact our staff and request a quote. Furnishing your home has never been so simple, just rely on good taste and have fun choosing the most original materials.

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