The most famous crystal chandeliers in the cinema

i lampadari cristallo nei film

What are the most famous crystal chandeliers in cinema?

Going through film and television products, also very different from each other, it is easy to notice how often the choice of chandeliers has contributed greatly to the success of the filming.

We know that lighting is important in homes, and even more important on the film set. The lamps and chandeliers used in the sets perform three basic functions:

  • they give the environment the right atmosphere and they convey the viewer the mood of the characters and the tone of the scene. For this reason, they have a real emotional value;
  • highlight the expressions of the actors and details such as clothing, hairstyle, makeup and shades of color;
  • they are the real furnishing accessories, with many different styles and finishes depending on the type of furniture.

This last point is very important for the construction of the scene. In fact, the choice of the chandelier depends mainly on its design and the materials used. So, crystal chandeliers with large sparkling drops are often used in classic, elegant, refined and important environments. On the contrary, modern spaces tend to include models with contemporary design, characterized by sharp and geometric lines and the combination of metal and glass. Sometimes you choose chandeliers that have a different style from the décor: a classic chandelier in a modern décor. In this case the goal is to have a contrast effect. Thus, the chandelier becomes more prominent and imposes attention on itself.

Follow us for curiosities, choices and tastes of the most famous sets!

Sex And The City

I lampadari di cristallo più famosi nel cinema

One of the most famous crystal chandeliers in cinema is definitely in the famous movie Sex And The City.  A crystal chandelier dominates the scene as Jessica Parker poses for a photo shoot of wedding dresses for Vogue magazine. In the first part of the scene the chandelier is not on sight but it is perceived thanks to the soft and warm light that spreads. Only towards the end of the scene, when Carrie is photographed on a staircase, the beautiful Maria Theresa-style chandelier enters the scene and interacts with the protagonist and the spectators. It is a large chandelier, able to combine elegance, sobriety and sophistication thanks to the material used and to illuminate the large room without leaving dark corners.

The result is fully in line with the style of the photo set, characterized by light colors, baroque decorations and large windows. The large crystal chandelier illuminates and furnishes the room giving a warm and evocative atmosphere. The charm and the slightly retro beauty of the crystal pendants create delicate light effect and reflections. The result is a wonderful scenic effect, which enhances the environment in which the scene takes place, also highlighting the details of the wedding dresses, photographed during the photo shoot. A key feature of the chandelier, which does not escape the eye of the more interested spectators, is the reference to the characteristics of the traditional baroque and rococo chandeliers used to furnish and illuminate the large ballrooms.

The Great Gatsby (2012) and the crystal chandeliers

that were held in the rooms of the villa!  The large gold chandeliers embellished with crystal pendants enhanced floors, embroidered pillows, cream-colored sofas and gold leaf-inlaid furniture.

.Il grande Gatsby

All scene environments have been studied in detail to accurately reproduce the period represented. In fact, both the chandeliers and all the props (jewelry, furniture, ornaments, paintings, carpets and costumes) are original vintage pieces or made by internationally known brands as special and absolutely unique creations.Lampadario 12 luci - Luxury Crystal - Arredo Luce

These include the stage dress of the protagonist Daisy, played by Carey Mulligan. The dress was designed inspired by the large crystal chandeliers with sparkling hanging drops that illuminated and decorated the halls of Gatsby’s villa. Made by Prada, the dress is entirely covered with bright sequins and transparent crystals. On the lower edge long fringes typical of women’s fashion Twenties. Perfect to dance thanks to its comfortable cut and skirt length, it is complemented by equally remarkable accessories and jewelry. These include diamond earrings and a pearl bracelet paired with a large diamond ring. The refined and brilliant style of the time is emphasized by the fur stola and the band of brights in the hair that resembles a real tiara.

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